Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday Loves

My loves for this week include:

Jarhead Red
It's the wine that our friends brought with them when they visited this past Saturday.
The guys who make it is are veterans and all of the proceeds go to Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation...
<for more info go to:>
Jerk Face and I went to the Andersons, which has a pretty big wine selection, and they carried it! We bought two bottles, it's good wine for a good cause, and it made me feel good too! :)


The New Jersey Housewives!!!! Did you watch it? I didn't yet... I just saw some previews and HOLY CAT FIGHT!!!!   I hope I can watch it tonight... (That means you have to go to bed at a regular time, LB!!!)

Oprah Winfrey
And I'm loving Oprah... who knew? (well, we are kindred spirits... we were both born on January 29th.. so, we are basically the same as sisters...) *confession time* I was never big into Oprah... I'd rather watch Ellen... but I thought that since this was her final season, I should jump on the bandwagon before it's too late! I still don't watch EVERY show... Some of them are just like... 'eh.'
I think the commercials are really good... I like the one that shows the good-byes of some really iconic shows, and then asks 'Where will you be?' (for Oprah's last show). They make me feel like I AM watching something very important... The end of an era, if you will... Gees, Oprah! You're pretty full of yourself! (and I can say that, because we're pretty much one in the same)

I'm also loving that my sister is doing some training close to where I live, so she'll be staying here tonight and tomorrow night (also a few days next week)...  So far I love it... we'll how I feel next week!  *wink* (just kidding J!)

What are you loving?


liberal sprinkles said...

thanks for stopping by! I watch Oprah sometimes, but never the real housewives!

Shell said...

Wine that I can justify buying b/c it's for a good cause? Oh YES!!!

Lucy The Valiant said...

Ok, I have to admit that I have never once watched Oprah. Isn't that horrible!

Emmy said...

I grew up in Illinois so I used to watch Oprah.. but over the years yeah just kind of stopped watching. Though I sure would love to be in the audience for her last show as I am sure she is going to give away tons of amazing things.

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