Friday, May 6, 2011

Damn Kids

My neighbor kids used to play this game....
They would knock on our door and run. Hilarious.
(actually, it was pretty funny.. Jerk Face looked like the classic 'grumpy old man' at he door looking for those whippersnappers..)
Last fall, this happened quite often.... until, Jerk Face caught one! (he was so proud of himself!)

All day long, 3 boys would 'hide' behind trees... Think cartoon style... Skinny trees, only they didn't disappear behind them (I never realized just HOW stupid kids were until this happened! HA!)
They would ring the doorbell, and run... and keeping in good 'grumpy old man' character, Jerk Face would go open the door, stand there and look around.... all the while the boys having a good laugh...
Then they KEPT doing it... LB was only a few month's old.. it started to get a bit annoying.
Then it happened: Jerk Face kept the front door opened just a crack... He spotted the little rascal coming up our driveway... Looking towards his friends as in: Yeah, I got this! 
He crept closer and closer... finally reaching the door...
Jerk Face opened the door: "Can I help you?"
Kid: (all flustered) "No, I was just coming over to apologize... My friend over there was just trying to have some fun..."
Jerk Face: "It's okay. Don't worry about it."

..And they stopped...

Until last Friday night.   Just after I put LB down for the night, came downstairs to unwind for the day, when.....  DINGDONG!
Jerk Face and I look at eachother... What the heck? It's nearly 9:30...
Jerk Face opens the door...  Nobody.
oh great!
I really don't mind them having fun and being pranksters, but when it comes to my LB's sleep... ain't nobody gonna be messin' wit dat  (that was my 'hood' speak)
So, I left a note on our door:

I decided to keep it polite, because I didn't need eggs on my door... Besides, I'm pretty sure Jerk Face and I are the neighborhood weirdos and didn't need them telling their parents about some nasty note we left on the door...and they come over to give us crap... Nevermind that your kid is over here disturbing the peace! 
*If you don't know who the weirdo is, it's probably you!*


Mrs. W. said...

Good for you for being such a good sport about it! That's funny that your husband caught them, haha. :)

Steph said...

Aw, Kellie, the note was a good idea.

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