Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Just Some Small Talk about bug slaying

Last night, we were hanging out watching House, after LB was asleep... When we heard this *click* *click* *click*.... What in the world??
We had a bug flying into our lights.. Ugh!  My sister's over and we have bugs.
So, I get the fly swatter for Jerk Face to show this bug a little rapture..
 (P.S. Did you know that the new Doomsday is October 21st?  If that 70 year old guy keeps up this guessing game, he's bound to get it correct sometime, right?)
Jerk Face has to be the murderer because I'm too short to swat it.
 (Hahaha! Jerk Face is my personal Swat Team) So! Jerk Face.... He... he?... He's not a fan of bugs... especially the flying kind. I'm not sure if he thinks that  they will retaliate by transforming into super huge bugs and eat his face off? He sort of does this jumpy, scared little dance when he swats at the bugs... and after he swats, he jumps back to defend himself against the face eater...
That is what happened to that bug last night... He swatted it, jumped back to defend himself, but it was gone! I went over to help him find it.. I opened a door that opens up to the outside.. and I saw a spider.. I told Jerk Face to kill it, and he almost squealed  hit it so hard I thought LB was going to wake up!

Jerk Face: "It was crouched up in a jumping position!"

Which is why he had to smack it so hard the house shook!
We still didn't find the flying bug..  and we gave up the search... I'm actually a little surprised that Jerk Face was willing to continue the night not knowing whether or not the bug was dead...

      KSK: "Did you kill it?"

      Jerk Face: "I don't know. I hit it..."

      KSK: "You didn't kill it?"

      Jerk Face: "Yes I did... or at least I severely gimped it."

We went back to watching House (and I went back to reading all of your blogs), when I saw the Minja attacking something.  He had found the flying bug on the ground... Jerk Face HAD severely gimped it! I went over and flicked it outside...  And that's the end of that little guy!

Who's the bug slayer in your house?


Amanda said...

LOL, love this... and my hubby is TOTALLY the bug slayer. I tend to be irrational like Jerk Face and convince myself that the thing will attack me... even after I've killed it... it makes sense in my mind.

Emmy said...

If Eric isn't around I will do it- but if he's around definitely him- he has mad ninja skills- he can catch a fly in his hands!

Anonymous said...

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