Sunday, May 1, 2011

from outerspace...

Let me take you on the ugliest light tour of my house!
We moved into our home about four years ago... and one of the most...unattractive... things in it is the lighting. Think: Early 1990's spaceship-esque...  yeah... they're revolting... and if you like them, then I question your taste level...  *smile*

I guess they don't look THAT wretched in pictures, maybe whoever bought them found them and ordered them online? 
By far, the most repulsive one was our front entry way light.. it was like a double saucer spaceship... Just ick! Unfortunately (...or fortunately???) I didn't get a picture of the eyesore before we FINALLY replaced it!  For it to be our entry light, it was not very welcoming... It was more like a threat.. in a pirate voice: 
"Be wary all ye who enter here, for this shall not be the last ugly light ye see..."
I didn't even try to get Jerk Face to donate it... it was just too ugly!  And he didn't want to put it out for the magical junk fairies to take...  It went into a garbage bag... what would people think if they knew that thing was in our house?!
This is our new light in our entryway:
I would've liked more of a chandelier... but we don't have ceiling height for it... I found this one (after years of looking) for about 80 bucks at Lowes.
Now, if we can only find the perfect lights for the remainder of the ugly ones!!

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