Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Creepy Crawler

I was working on a different post for today, but! 

This is a Breaking News Report!
Mark your calenders, folks!

It all started this morning after a sweet little game of peek-a-boo:

........And then she smiled, perhaps a knowing smile......

We got her dressed and ready for the day...
I put her on tummy time while I get her breakfast ready
and that's when it happened!
Usually it's one knee forward, then her legs slip backwards, and she's doing her reverse scoot into the couch, or somewhere else where she'll get stuck and start to cry for me to rescue her...

But not THIS morning!
She brought one knee forward, then two knees forward!

LB is no longer a reverse crawler!
She can, indeed, go forward!!!

My Tweets isn't a dud after all! :)
..and excuse me, now I have to go catch her...


Steph said...

YAY LB! And GL to you... you are gonna be chasing her everywhere! haha.

Just Jinny said...

Uh oh..this is the beginning of the end. lol. I love her little yelps of happiness. Like she is saying 'Holy crap, Dude! Why didn't you tell me this would be so AWESOME?!'

Pearl said...

First they're crawling, then they're taking your car. :-)

She's such a pretty little girl. And smart!


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