Sunday, August 28, 2011

This Is How We Like To Spend Our Vacations...


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Hello Blog-o-verse!
I'm starting to feel a little better... I had my wisdom teeth pulled Friday.
Not a great way to spend your weekend.
And further more.. Not a great way to spend the end of a "vacation"...

I was drugged up for a while. I haven't taken anything since 3:30 this afternoon.. so my head is clear and I can try to write a post before the pain gets too awful again...
I did try to read and comment on your posts over the last few days. If I didn't leave a comment.. I'm sorry -- there's a chance I fell asleep. If I did leave a comment.. I'm sorry -- there's a chance it doesn't make sense.. or it was 1/2 hearted or something like that.

As I mentioned above, this is the end of a "vacation". I use quotations, because Jerk Face and I didn't do anything. I wanted to get some painting done last weekend, and was off to a good start... until I decided to use a stencil.
You should never think that you can stencil a room in one day.

I'll save all of that for another day.
I was working on my pantry, and although it is mostly done..
It's not complete.
And I want to show you all the finished product.

Aside from painting, we went to the zoo. 
LB's a few months older this time, and enjoyed the animals much more.
I didn't take any photos this time.
We just enjoyed it.
Our Zoo just had a baby elephant, and LB loved it!
She makes elephant sounds. 
I should try to find the video I took of her and post it on here.
I know I told my parents I would send it to them...
I never did, in case you were wondering...

We got our new front door on Wednesday.
That took forever for them to install!
The guy called and said they would be there between 1-2p.
A little after 2:30 they finally showed up, and were there until just about 5p.
So much for THAT day.

Thursday, we purchased some new outside lights 
(and a new pantry light - Jerk Face said that was my reward-
- he really knows how to treat me right, you know? HA!)

And that brings me to Friday.

(That is my blankie from when I was little -- I'm letting LB borrow it for a while... when I'm not using it, of course!)
I was on the couch ALL weekend.
I still feel like crap.
I think it's the oxycodone.
It makes me really nauseous. And drowsy.
I don't know why people would take that to get high.
It sucks. BAD.
This afternoon, I thought I would take Tylenol 3.
I was hoping I would be less drowsy...
I just slept for 3 hours.
Jerk Face was jealous.

I'm sure he's jealous of my new diet for the week too:

Some of it looks good...
but I just want crunchy!
Jerk Face has been munching on tortilla chips and salsa!
What a jerk...face!!!

Sorry this was a bit long and boring!
I hope to have better posts soon!!!


Tonya the Hobo Girl said...

Oh man I remember the wisdom teeth extraction suckiness. Sorry to hear but Edy's Vanilla Ice Cream makes it all kind of better. That stuff is at the end of every rainbow.

Steph said...

Awww, feel better!!! I would need something crunchy too.

Kim {Yep, they are all mine} said...

Oh, no!!!! I hope you feel better soon! I was miserable, too!

Lucy The Valiant said...

SO not fun, I'm sorry dearie!

My husband made BACON the day after I had my wisdom teeth out...I never realized before how horrible it is to smell bacon and not be able to eat a piece!

Emmy said...

Awe so sorry your vacation wasn't much fun. I remember. After I got my wisdom teeth pulled going into the bathroom to see that I had been drooling blood everywhere and didn't even realize it because I was so numb still, hated it

Sandra said...

At least you're saying Jerk Face with a smile. I'm not so sure I'd be as gracious. Because sometimes a girl just wants her chips dammit! Feel better. And I have to laugh at the oxycodone comment. I've never tried it, but yeah, why would someone chose to feel nauseous as their drug of choice? At least with pot you get the munchies! didn't hear that from me :)

Mrs. W. said...

Poor thing! I hope you feel better soon.

I felt the same way about Percocet when they gave that to me for kidney stones. I just felt loopy and nauseous. I would definitely rather be drunk. Ha!

Get well soon! Try to enjoy your pudding!

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